We provide cost-effective publishing solutions for the academic organizations.

Enhance the reputation and quality of your institution's publications today.

Promoting Open Access and enhancing institutional credibility


To help universities, libraries, and societies run Open Access Academic presses, we offer a comprehensive set of quality infrastructure and publishing services.

Bespoke Branding

Our solutions are designed to complement your branding, and to enhance the credibility of your institution. Everything is consistent, starting from the website to your printed materials.

Full Support

We have a committed technical and publishing team to support your institution's needs. Everything from editorial, production, and marketing support to cloud-hosted infrastructure.


Committed To Academic Excellence

DevTracts is an industry leader in open publishing services that span the whole research lifecycle. DevTracts offers repository services for organizations, complete publishing infrastructure and services to university presses, and journal and book publishing for academic organizations.

We are dedicated to open access, open science, and open infrastructure. Our mission is to make academic publishing better, more accessible, and beneficial for everyone. Regardless of the size of your organization, we place a strong emphasis on what matters to our partners.

Our Services

We offer tailored and client-fit publishing services. Our experienced professionals can deliver state-of-art solutions that perfectly fits your organization. 

Website Design

Development and customization of a full suite of infrastructure and services to enable Universities and academic societies to operate Open Access presses.

Journal Publishing

We provide high-quality Open Access journal publishing for academic societies, with fair and transparent pricing. Both in print and electronic publications.

Production Editing

Enhance the reputation and online presence of your publications with quality designs, multiple file formats, indexing, DOI, and metadata deposits.

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